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Oil and Gas Equipment Division


Oil Field Equipment

Al-Reziza Trading & Contracting Co. Oil field Equipment Division is a suppliers of Oil & Gas Industrial Materials and Equipment to SAUDI-ARAMCO and other Petro- Chemical Industries in all regions of Saudi Arabia. Al-Reziza Oil field Equipment Division is dedicated to serve the valued customers such as Saudi-Aramco, Oil & Gas Chemical Refining, Power Energy and Environmental and Process Technology. Al-Reziza is specialized for supply of following Items for Petrochemical Industries in the Eastern & Western Region: 


Drilling Equipment Pipes Non-Ferrous Tubular Products Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy Tubes
Casing Seamless Cooper Tubes Finned Tubes; Extruded & Serrated
Tubing Submerged Arc Welded Brass Tubes Seamless/Welded Stainless Steel & Nickel AlloyTubes
Pup Joints Electric Resistance Welded Aluminum Bronze Tubes Seamless Heat exchanger & Condenser Tubes
Couplings Galvanized Cupro Nickel Tubes U-Bent Tubes
Drill Pipes      
Cross Over      
Wire Line Measuring      


Valves Pipe Fittings Ropes Steel Chains & Blocks
Ball Elbows (Wire, Polypropylene & Manila) Refinery Operating & Drilling Chemicals
Check Tees Aircooled Heat Exchange Power Cables And Power Generation Equipments & Supplies
Globe Flanges Pipeline Equipment  
Butterfly Spectacle Plates    
   Ring Joints    


Equipment For Combustion, Pollution, Safety & Energy Control
Thermal Oxidizers
Detonation Arrestors
 Vapor Control Units
 Pilots & Ignitors

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